Compositions, Theremin, Performances

olea nova

For Olea Nova composing paintings and music

are two parallel processes where articulation

of space is one of the important aspects.

She embraces dissonance and polyphony,

focuses on vectors of movement and speed

of sounds, that are tactile and spacious,

through air and time.

City (2021)

Quadraphonic electroacoustic work
Duration - 41 min. (6 tracks)

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Name (2020)

Electroacoustic work
Duration - 1 h. 16 min. (5 tracks)

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World (2020)

Electroacoustic sound (Synthesisers, Eurorack, Theremin, Violin)
Duration - 1 h. 44 min. (15 tracks)

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Recording started on March 21, 2020 after the shelter-in-place order started in Chicago. “WORLD” opens with the piece I titled ‘Before’ because I recorded it with sounds set on my instruments prior the shelter order. Since the order, I have recorded one sound piece every day for three weeks. The idea behind “WORLD” was to record one sound piece every day as a sound ‘impression’ of each day. I documented my process on Instagram (March 21-April 12, 2020) by posting a fragment of a live recording session from each day. The process consisted of several hours programming and choosing sounds for the day to play on my synthesizers: their order, dynamics and overall mix. Then I played each piece in three takes. Later, during the mastering stage, which took four weeks, I picked a take for each day and put them together in this album.

Defining Space (2019)

Electroacoustic work (Analog synthesizers + Theremin)
Duration - 1 h. 15 min. (4 tracks)

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Voice (2016-2020)

Electroacoustic Sound
Duration - 1 h. 31 min. (6 tracks)

Featured tracks:

Full album:

InDust (2019)

"Experimental electroacoustic one act opera for one electronic musician.
Duration - 40 min.

A fragment from a 40 min performance. Evanston Art Center. May 19, 2019:




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