“WORLD” Electroacoustic Sound Work. Work began on March 21, 2020 after the shelter-in-place order started in Chicago. “WORLD” opens with the piece I titled ‘Before’ because I recorded it with sounds set on my instruments prior the shelter order. Since the order, I have recorded one sound piece every day for three weeks. The idea behind “WORLD” was to record one sound piece every day as a sound ‘impression’ of each day. I documented my process on Instagram (March 21-April 12, 2020) by posting a fragment of a live recording session from each day. The process consisted of several hours programming and choosing sounds for the day to play on my synthesizers: their order, dynamics and overall mix. Then I played each piece in three takes. Later, during the mastering stage, which took four weeks, I picked a take for each day and put them together in an album I named “WORLD”.

"Diptych” - One minute from a live performance

"Defining space": analog synthesizers + Theremin.

Theremin improvisations

Short piece for orchestra: 2 minutes and 21 seconds

Electroacoustic noise studies

"Voicing" - sound composition combining human voices, recordings of industrial automation equipment and a software synthesizer.

Electroacoustic compositions. Album.

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